"The Bigger Know Principles"

The Bigger Know Principles

The Bigger Know Principles were developed in response to America's undeniable shift away from an Industrialized economy and into a 21st century Information and Knowledge based economy. The tightly structured organizational designs of the Industrialized models, that include stoic Org Charts; operational silos and vertical hierarchies, have been replaced with a need to have organizations that are flatter, faster, more fluid, and which more efficiently access and deploy the collective genius and capabilities residing in the “Diverse Employee Networks” existing in every organization.

The challenges introduced by these new economic models necessitated new organizational designs and new leadership paradigms as those currently in use, left over from the Industrialized economy, are not agile or efficient enough for today's world. They are therefore quickly becoming a liability.

The Bigger Know Principles address this emerging need in a very precise manner. They are a set of 8 leadership principles that foster a management style that is conducive to today's world. When introduced and effectively implemented these principles begin to transform the culture of your organization into one that has the proper blend of flexibility, openness and structure necessary to encourage creativity, mine ingenuity and effectively utilize your organization's true capabilities. All of which are traits that identify the emergence of a 21st century organization.

The Bigger Know Principles are guaranteed to significantly increase your access to the capabilities of your people and to increase the level of engagement and communication amongst your personnel. The introduction of these principles also provides your management with new tools that begin to replace the traditional “top down, paramilitary” style of management that was a hallmark of companies employing management models from the past.

It is important to note that this new paradigm is not soft by any means, however it does engage people more; empowers them differently and seeks their input in more decision-making processes. In doing so it also holds individuals to a high level of personal and professional responsibility that is crucial if one is to operate a well-disciplined and professional organization. As a result your executives will begin to find themselves spending less time managing people and having more time to manage their time and the operation of their departments.

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Jeffrey Deckman has written extensively on the both the concepts behind the Bigger Know Principles as well as each of the individual principles.

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