Organizational Troubleshooting

Organizational Troubleshooting

Organizations are very complex living and breathing organisms that struggle to exist in harsh environments.

They have many people and personalities operating both within and outside of an intricately designed organizational structure that operates in a rapidly changing world.

So it stands to reason that there are going to be times when things can go wrong and, over time these “glitches” can become very problematic.

Often times the causes of these problems are as imperceptible as they are frustrating to those tasked with solving them. Jeffrey has spent the past 30+ years in a variety of capacities where he has encountered a myriad of “mysterious symptoms” in multi-faceted organizations that required action to minimize and repair the initial damage and then troubleshoot the problem to find its root cause.

He has a deep understanding of human nature, organizational design and the complexities that occur when you blend the two. Couple this with the ability to analyze and process situations with an engineering mindset and that gives him a unique ability to define core issues and facilitate sound solutions.

All of this is done while working in close concert with the people who are most affected and most familiar with the problem and the environment in which it is occurring. Jeffrey is a firm believer in tapping into the existing collective genius of the organization to help it to heal itself while it learns about itself in the process.

If you are experiencing problems that you think we may be able to assist you to find your way past feel free to contact us. It never hurts to have an exploratory conversation.

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