Leadership Councils

Leadership Councils

Leadership Councils are the place where the “rubber begins to meet the road” in the Capability Acceleration process. Leadership Councils are similar to what could be called a “task force” but they take that concept to an entirely new level.

We teach client organizations how to create Leadership Councils in order to help them unleash and focus the ingenuity and capabilities of their group towards solving problems and/or innovating or evolving aspects in the organization that are necessary to improve its bottom line.

It is in these forums where we combine human capabilities and human dynamics to spur creativity, promote ingenuity and spawn innovation in order to develop superior solutions and to generate greater results.

Quickly and easily assembled, the key to creating effective Leadership Councils lies first and foremost in the selection of the members of the Council. Participants may include management, front line work force, as well as those who have been identified to have valuable capabilities that could contribute to the “thinking, linking and doing” necessary to provide key insights into the issue at hand.

Once assembled, it then becomes critical to establish and maintain the proper conditions and environments that promote equal participation of all and to instill a culture within the Council of “best idea wins”- regardless of titles and seniority or lack thereof.

The more successful one is at selecting the appropriate participants and maintaining the proper environment the more one is able to tap into the collective genius and capabilities, or what is known as the “Bigger Know”, of the group.

However, we all know that achieving these two goals is not easy, particularly the second one. But Capability Accelerators provides your personnel with tools and teaches the methodology that guides the selection process for Leadership Councils and then creates the environment for them to be most successful.

If you would like to add this vibrant component to your organization's management toolbox call us. We can help.

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