Executive Coaching & Mentoring


This executive management stuff isn't easy. In fact it is very complex and ever changing.

Regardless of your educational background and your experience as a high level executive, you and your management team are always in the middle of several puzzles in need of solving. It's like playing multiple games of 3 dimensional chess on a rotating board.

Shadow Thinking
As a CEO, business owner or senior executive you are in rarified air. Often times you have no one to help assist you to work through some of the most complex issues you face. Having access to a “shadow thinker” who is on a peer level can prove invaluable.

Shadow Thinking allows senior management to save time, shorten learning curves and validate “hunches”. And all of that maximizes the chance of success, increases efficiency and expedites change.

Jeffrey also helps organizations to create their next generation of leaders and innovators by serving as a mentor to those middle managers who are showing the most promise. By helping organizations to “strengthen their bench” they become more resilient, more profitable and in need of less management oversight.

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