Capability Assessments

Capability Assessments

Our Capability Assessments consist of two components:
1. The identification and mapping of key latent abilities residing within the Diverse Employee Networks operating in the organization
2. Measuring and mapping the levels of communication, bi-directionally, between key people in the organization using the Interpersonal Communication Mapping™ system

An organization's capabilities can be defined as the combination of the natural aptitudes, talents and traits of its people PLUS the level of communication that exits between the group.

All of the abilities in the world are of no use to an organization if there is not robust communication occurring between the various people who need to work together in order to produce results. So in order to maximize your organization's capabilities you must establish a clear understanding of the types of the raw materials (ideas, abilities and ingenuity) your organization possesses then insure a well paved and well maintained highway system (open lines of communication) connect the key players.

Think of a 3rd world country that is sitting atop tremendous gold, diamond or oil reserves that have never been identified or mapped. Then think of the same country as having only footpaths and dirt roads of which few, if any, are documented or mapped. The only reason this country is struggling is because it is not aware of the resources that exist under its surface. But once they are discovered and mapped the country will still struggle until it establishes an open and clear transportation system over which those raw materials can travel in order for them to create value to the country.

Such is the case in organizations. They can't use what they don't know they possess and they can't benefit from that which they cannot access.

This is why we created the Capability Assessment tool. It is the industry's first assessment and mapping tool that reveals and maps the latent human resources Org Charts cannot see as well as identifies and maps the specific strengths and weaknesses of the individual communication links between and amongst all of your key personnel.

That's right. We can actually measure and map the level of bi-directional communication occurring, or not occurring, between key players in your organization.

By discovering and then mapping this crucial data your organization immediately begins to benefit from having access to a superior level of capabilities which you have been paying for, all along. In the process the interpersonal communication networks of the organization also become significantly enhanced.

The combined impact of these two processes energizes your organization in a way that has to be seen to be believed.

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