Business Strategy and Tactics


Sixty-six percent of all strategic plans fail.

How many of the following strategy concepts are considered in your planning process?

Strategy in Action
Immediate and Emerging Conditions
Capabilities and Organizational Bandwidth
Networked Connectivity
Broad-Based Capital
Micro, Macro, Mega

If your strategic planners are not familiar with these concepts and their plans are not based upon them then chances are yours will be one of the 66% of plans that never get fully implemented.

Consider how engaging in exercises that ultimately provide no appreciable result would impact your organization. Confidence in, and respect for, management erodes. Team self-confidence evaporates, and frustrations rise while tolerances lower.

By embracing the innovative and groundbreaking work of Larry Quick and the Resilient Futures International Partnership ( Capability Accelerators introduces its clients to the concepts, tools and practices of Resiliency. These methods result in strategic plans that are not only based upon the real world but that effectively provide the tools and processes that will keep our clients competitive deep into the 21st century.

Call us and we can engage in a no obligation discussion that will further explain this process. In a short period of time we can help you to understand how it can be used to put your plans in the 34% of those that succeed.

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