Before I get to the testimonials I first have to acknowledge several people who have been very instrumental in shaping the thinking that has resulted in the creation of the Capability Accelerator processes. These people have been mentors, teachers, trusted critics and the source of many constructive perturbations for me. But first and foremost they have been friends and extremely supportive. I owe each of them a debt of gratitude.

Paul Deckman, Sr. (my dad)
Del and Lynne Hall
Robert Leaver
Larry Quick
Michelle Girasole
Len Tinkoff

And a special thanks to Sarah, Jim, Arty, and Julie from A Gold Production for their incredible ability to be innovative and ingenious as they create a website that brings this work to life.


Kip Berstrom Executive Director Stamford Urban Redevelopment Commission, Stamford, CT
In 1999 I recruited Jeff to join the board of RITEC and become its chair. RITEC, now called Tech Collective, is a private/public partnership aimed at accelerating the capabilities of growing technology companies in Rhode Island. Under Jeff's leadership, the board and staff of the organization blossomed and member companies and agencies were deeply engaged in meaningful initiatives, helping to catapult Rhode Island from rank 21 to rank 11 in the Milken Institute State Science and Technology Index, the biggest jump of any state.

Jeff also served as the RITEC/Tech Collective representative on the Rhode Island Economic Policy Council, for which I was Executive Director. On a board that included the senior business, government, academic and labor leaders of the state, Jeff was a stand out. Working together closely, we conceived and launched game-changing initiatives to improve Rhode Island's business climate, innovation capacity and quality of place. We b brought Rhode Island to a position of national leadership across a broad spectrum of economic and community development dimensions, including competitive strategy, technology commercialization, workforce strategy, waterfront development, and place making at both the downtown and neighborhood scales. In this work, Jeff was a close advisor and sounding board. Every initiative we undertook was fraught with complex personalities and turbulent political crosscurrents. In many instances, Jeff's insights on how to network and leverage the capabilities of a diverse group of people were what enabled us to succeed.

Robert W. Chew President SolarWrights, Inc.
When SolarWrights was faced with growing pains and issues with key employees, Jeff was able to work with us to solve the employee problems and help us develop systems that have allowed us to continue to grow our business in a controlled manner. There is a confidence that I get working with Jeff since he is also an entrepreneur who has "walked the talk". I have worked with consultants in the past who have worked for companies but never owned companies and there is a big difference. I highly recommend using Jeff to help your growing company reach it's potential.

Katherine O'Dea Former Executive Director Tech Collective.
I got to work with Jeffrey and benefit first hand from the interpersonal wisdom and insight he has nurtured through his professional and personal journeys in a peer to peer leadership environment where he was Chairman and I was Executive Director of the Tech Collective. He taught me more about leadership in the two years we worked together than I was able to learn on my own or from all my other colleagues over a 25 year career.

Jeffrey understands well that the many personal traits we all bring, like baggage, to our roles often times need to be "managed." Learning from Jeffrey how to "keep the dog on the leash" and "be committed but detached", has been invaluable to me - not only in being able to resolve my leadership challenges today, but understand ing how and why certain behaviors didn't lead to the results I was looking for in previous scenarios.

Mia Caetano Chairman Rhode Island Young Republicans
We formed the Rhode Island Young Republicans in the beginning of 2005 to promote change in the state of Rhode Island. With Jeffrey's guidance we were able to take a handful of talented young professionals and transform the group into a powerful political organization. Jeffrey assisted in designing the organization from the ground up, focusing the RIYR's mission and vision, and mentoring the officers on the pitfalls of building an organization. Jeffrey was also instrumental at forging a consensus on a few key issues that arose in the growth process. As a result, the group has grown astronomically within a short period of time, and after 5 months we had our Kickoff Event with over 200 people in attendance, including Governor Carcieri as a guest speaker. Jeffrey's guidance was invaluable to our organization and I would highly recommend him to any organization at any stage of existence.

Louis Soares Center for American Progress Washington, D.C.
I have worked with Jeffrey over the past 8 years in several capacities, most recently as the Director of Every Company Counts, a division of the Rhode Island State Economic Development Corporation. Every Company Counts focuses upon helping business owners to better organize, fund and grow their companies to the next level(s).

Over the years I have seen first hand how Jeff's expertise as a successful entrepreneur and executive consultant in the private and public sectors are a powerful resource for leaders who need to build and grow their organizations or to help ones that are struggling.

He has a keen ability to understand people as well as complex organizational dynamics. He also has a strong talent for identifying the underlying political; interpersonal and/or organizational design issues that can silently impede the ability of key players or individual departments to work to further a company's goals.

His experience as a business owner for 25+ years and someone who has built and run organizations as diverse as non-profits and political campaigns has given him a background that is as diverse as it is valuable.

His Bigger Know Principles, problem-solving and communication mapping tools can be applied to solve day-to-day bottom-line issues like increasing sales and keeping costs down while also pushing managers and leaders to re-invent the company for future success.

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