Audio Clips and Videos which help explain the dynamics of the emerging Knowledge Economy, attributes of Knowledge Networks and how to lead today's Knowledge Workers to increase productivity, employee engagement and profitability in the 21st Century
Hear Jeffrey being interviewed, in studio, on Patricia Raskin's Positive Business radio program.
In this clip Jeffrey defines the biggest change facing business today and reveals the largest untapped source of capital that can be easily accessed with just a simple shift in thinking. He then gives some tools and methods that help the listener to begin discovering how to access and mobilize this capital for the benefit of everyone. After listening to this short clip you will never see your organization or those who are working in it in the same way.

Articles by Jeffrey Deckman

The Bigger Know Principles

Embracing New Leadership
Why it is Time for a Change?
The Bigger Know Principles
The 1st Principle: “You Know What You Know. I know What I Know. And Together We have a Bigger Know.” An Introduction to the 1st of 8 Principles Behind a New 21st Century Leadership Paradigm.
Domesticate the Dog
The 2nd Principle: Discussing the Impact of Ego on One's Ability to Tap into a Group's Bigger Know.
Ask Cool Questions
The 3rd Principle: The First Rule of How to Tap into the Collective Genius of the Group.
Assess Don't Judge
The 4th Principle: How to Avoid Unintentionally Diluting or Blocking Access to the Group's Bigger Know.
Coach Don't Criticize
The 5th Principle: How to Grow your Team While Simultaneously Expanding it's Bigger Know and Your Access to It.
Seeking Alignment over Agreement
The 6th Principle: How to Prevent a Working Group from Getting Ensnarled and Losing the Sight of the Big Picture.
Be Committed But Detached
The 7th Principle: How to Avoid the Natural Tendency to Want to Succeed So Much that You Fail.
There are no Failures Only Lessons
The 8th Principle: Everything is Simply a Learning Process.
Summary of the Bigger Know Principles
An Efficient Synopsis of Each of the 8 Principles.

Organizational Design/Change Management

Let's Get Specific
A process to activate your knowledge capital almost immediately.
The Problem with Leadership
Why traditional leadership methods no longer work in today's economy.
Eeyore and Yoda Walk into a Bar
Listening is the Language of Respect.
The Changing Landscape of Leadership
The shift in leadership styles away from MALE to FEMALE “energies”.
We Need to Take Matters Into Our Own Hands
It's not enough to simply run your business anymore.
A Report From the Front Lines of the Economic Battlefield
What the economic prognosticators, posturing politicians and academics who read, write and then report never see.
It's Time to Amp Up, Ramp Up and Accelerate Into the Curve
An Effective Strategy for Survival in a "Ridiculous" Economy.
The Jury is In
Human Capital is More Valuable than Financial Capital.
Finding Intellectual Capabilities
Every Organization has Latent Capabilities that are Unseen and Untapped.
What's Next for the 21st Century Executive
How Traditional Learning Methods are Inherently Flawed and Its Impact on Business.
Is Your Organization Designed Backwards
Do You Empower Processes over People Thereby Stifling Access to Your Company's Greatest Asset?
Are You a Human Toll Road?
Do You Unknowingly Make People Pay a Price to Engage You?
We Are NOT Just In a Recession
We are the midst of something much more exciting!

White Papers

Collaboration Guidebook
All you need to know about how to design, build and maintain effective collaborations.
A Recipe to Resurrect the Rhode Island Republican Party
Written in 2006 and Still relevant today.
A Perfect Storm
A Set of 8 Real World Futuristic Predictions of High Impact Changes Written in July of 2008. One of Which has already been realized.
The Collapse of the RI Government
A Prediction Piece Written in May of 2007 Proved Accurate in 2008 and that is Relevant to Other States.
A Resilient World by 2012
Part 1 of a conversation designed to engage, align and commit movement toward resilent futures.

Admired Thinkers

Eric Hoffer - Father of the study of Mass Movements
Larry Quick - Real World Futurist and Forecaster
Richard Maybury - Libertarian/Historian/Modern Day Philosopher
Peter de Jager - Speaker/Writer/Consultant on the issues relating to the Rational Assimilation of the Future
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