Speech from Tax Day Tea Party, 4/15/09 Providence, R.I.

by Jeffrey S. Deckman 13. June 2009 19:48

Speech Given at Tea Party Rally

Providence, RI 4/15/09

Jeffrey Deckman

First of all let me thank everyone who took the time to come out today to express what it is to be an American.

Next let me apologize up front, because I am going to read this speech instead of speaking it. You see I have to make sure I stay disciplined because I am feeling just a bit moody today. I just cut a check for $26,000.00 to the government to help fund some more bailouts.

Next let me say that what we are facing today is not a party issue. It is a people issue. This is not about Republican or Democrat. It is about being Americans.

The Generation of our parents is known as America’s Greatest Generation. They grew up in the harshest of times. Surviving the great depression and then fighting the greatest war ever fought. A war that pushed back fascism on two continents insuring the world was safe for liberty and individual prosperity. They then went on to build America into the most prosperous and productive country in the history of civilization.

In the process they created more opportunity for economic prosperity for people all over the globe and at home they later put an end to segregation. For this they clearly earned the right to be called the America’s Greatest Generation. 

And they did all of this in an environment where government was small, taxes were low, personal responsibility was high and the phrase “government entitlement” hadn’t even been invented yet.

So here we are today. I am 52. I am part of the next generation that followed the Greatest Generation, as most of us are. And I fear that the legacy of our generation will be that of “AMERICA’s MOST SHAMEFUL Generation”.

Why do I think that way? It is simple. Because as a citizenry we have let our government get out of control. We have allowed it to become so enormous, so powerful and so ravenous for our tax dollars that it puts its hunger for growth and its self interest above all else….Even the liberty and financial health of the individual. And we must always remember that the individual is the smallest of minorities. Yet our government is feeding upon the individual like a rabid wolverine all the while telling us that all they are taking from us to bail out others is for our own good.


But in reality we are doing to ourselves what Nazi Germany, Tojo’s Japan and the Soviet Union combined couldn’t do to us. We are voting away our rights as individuals and are bankrupting our nation. 

During our watch we have voted in politicians who promise to represent us and when elected represent themselves and special interests. Politicians who when elected become agents of the government and not of the people. And then, knowing this, we vote them back in again and again and again.

Or worse yet, many of us don’t vote, thinking “what’s the use anyway” and we allow them to get in office by default. 

What if our parents said “what’s the use” when they saw Hitler storming Europe and Japan threatening to take over Asia in the 40's. And what if they also hid their head in the sand as the Soviet Union and communists regimes began attempting to take over the world? 

How can we stand by and disgrace our parents’ and grandparents’ sacrifice? How can one people have gone from so committed to so disengaged??

The time to wake up is now people!! We must ALL wake up!!

The beast of government has snapped its chain and is turning on its own people. If you don’t believe that then I refer you to a Homeland Security Report that just came out today. The report is warning of Right Wing Extremists being a threat to the government. In that report they define RWE’s to include and I quote: “ including not just racist or hate groups, but also groups that reject federal authority in favor of state or local authority.” This is a chilling Orwellian statement.

They go on further to state that "It may include groups and individuals that are dedicated to a single-issue, such as opposition to abortion or immigration," And who knows what other single issues that one could impose that would make them an enemy of the state: Protesting against a war; Calling for lower taxes? Demanding 1st Amendment rights? Who is to say??  

So first they bankrupt us and now they want to demonize us and attack our rights of free speech.

But it is not too late to reverse this government take over. Just like it wasn’t too late to push back Hitler and Tojo in the 40’s and the Soviets in the 80's.

So how do we do it? It is really quite simple. In addition to being a business owner, and employer, in this state for the past 25 years have run many campaigns: I have been a citizen lobbyist for 10 years and I have been a political strategist. I have gotten a lot of people “unelected”. I know how the politician and the political parties think.

This is what you need to do. 


1. Realize that if you want to change what our government does you must change how it thinks. 


2. You must realize that the current elected officials believe the way they are thinking and what they are doing is how it should be done, otherwise they would be doing it differently. They like taxing you to death to feed the beast.


3. You must realize that you can’t change the minds of those sitting in the seats of power so you must change the butts that are sitting in those seats.


4. You must start voting people out of office. You must be willing to do so en masse. Forget party preferences. If they are not demonstrated Reformers then they must go.

But first you must change how you communicate with them. Instead of simply writing them and expressing your feelings and opinions on an issue and waiting for a canned response try this: Send them a letter, an email or make a phone call to them when they upset you. When you contact them simply state the following: I am going to work as hard as I can to remove you from office and I am going to recruit as many of my friends and neighbors as possible to do the same.

And leave it at that. Nothing else. Do not tell them what issue it is that has you so motivated. These people know it when they vote against the people. And if they don’t then they aren’t smart enough to be up there anyway. 

Then, after informing them of your intentions, you must go to work doing exactly that. 

This will completely disrupt their formula they use to placate you and shifts the balance of power over to you.

If you want to strike fear into the hearts and minds of elected officials, send them an email like that. I guarantee that you will unsettle them so much that they will be reminded of who has the power in this equation. And then replace as many of them as possible in the next election. Because the beast who has to snap the chain in this equation is “We the people”

So while our generation may be on the eve of its darkest hour it may also be seeing the dawn of its greatest hour.

But only you can make that decision. The question is how do you want to be known by your children grandchildren? As one who saved the country for them while they were too young to protect themselves or as the one who squandered everything the AMERICA’S GREATEST GENERATION gave to us and became a part of the AMERICA’S MOST SHAMEFUL GENERATION?

Being a natural born fighter, I believe that our legacy will be that of AMERICA’S GREATEST COMEBACK GENERATION!! I believe that we have all had enough and we are just about to start taking our country back.

The decision is yours and remember this: What you do ECHOES in eternity.

I don’t know about you but I refuse to destroy my children’s future.

Thank you all for coming. I am proud to have been given the honor to speak to you.


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