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Jeffrey S. Deckman is a Capability Expert. His expertise is in identifying, documenting and then activating the hidden capabilities that reside in the employee networks that exist in every organization.

After spending most of the past 3 decades interacting at the executive levels in the business, not-for-profit, government, higher education and the political realms, Jeffrey has committed himself to developing intuitive and revolutionary systems which identify and then release the latent intellectual capital and human capabilities that reside within the various Diverse Employee Networks that exist within every organization.

Once these capabilities are identified they are then documented and mapped. He then works with clients to create the organizational environment that allows these newly uncovered assets to impact the bottom line. He insures the integrity of the organizational structure while simultaneously introducing innovative new methods and techniques that accelerate the human capabilities of the organization.


Jeffrey has an eclectic professional background that includes many years as a serial entrepreneur; a CEO, the chairman of various boards and commissions, a coalition builder as well as being a business lobbyist and a key strategist in many political organizations and campaigns.

Additionally he has been appointed to positions by the past four Rhode Island governors, most recently as a member of the RI Economic Policy Council.

He is also a skilled organizational troubleshooter and “political strategist” who is able to help coach or mentor senior executives and their teams to work through complex situations or sensitive environments while maintaining their integrity and maximizing results.


His systems, which include Capability Assessments; Interpersonal Communication Mapping; the Aristotle Model of complex problem solving; the Bigger Know Principles and others give people in the organization the tools and the opportunity to transform themselves into a team that is more integrated, interactive and innovative.

Jeffrey “teaches as he goes” and trains the trainer at every opportunity in order to maximize his clients' ability to be self-sustainable. He is committed to maximizing the investment of his clients' organizational development and human resource budgets. Unlike traditional consulting models, it is his goal to have each client become as independent they choose to be. This allows for more organizations to grow faster and that is his ultimate goal.
Providence, RI • Gloucester, MA • 401-862-6454